These Lenses Might be What you Need to Take Better Photos With your iPhone

Photo: Erin Lodi / Via TheWireCutter

Smartphone lens kits can be so much fun to play with for highly experienced photographers. In fact, there is a huge number of photographers who now prefer using smartphones in place of digital cameras. The question is how one can achieve excellent quality pictures from a smartphone?

Extra optics added directly to the phone’s original camera allow objects to be seen nearer or further away without changing the resolution. To get the perfect lens, a variety of iPhone lens accessories were investigated. These had to be compatible on an iPhone 6 to the latest iPhone 7. However, the iPhone 7 Plus was found to be incompatible with some of the lenses tested.

At the top of the list for the best lens, we looked out or affordability, effectiveness, as well as portability. The iPro ExoLens, Photojojo, CamKix, AGPtek, Ztylus, Manfrotto, and Olloclip made it to the least. A search through reputable sites (CNET, Phoblographer, Cult of Mac, Fstoppers, and Mac World) helped to identify smartphone lens attachments according to user ratings. Since 2015, 15 iPhone lens models have been tested.

The best lens from our research was found to be Moment’s .63x-magnification wide lens (18mm equivalent), as well as a 2x telephoto lens (60mm equivalent). These lenses outsmart the others and work perfectly on all iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 handsets. However, the iPhone 7 Plus does not need a title option as it comes with a similar inbuilt lens. However, you can try with the Wide lens. Our tests indicated that these two lenses produce crisp and clear images. The only minimal chromatic aberration was observed.

These lenses can be easily attached to an iPhone using a stainless steel mounting plate. Biomet mounting can be used to make the lens look like it came with the original phone. If you use it carefully, the lens will not come out unless you unscrew it. The Aukey lens-and-case set came out at the top of our list for anyone with tight funds. It is currently priced at USD $15 for the set. However, if your funds are flexible a little, you can get the Aukey PL-WD03 110°.

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