The Boom of IoT Devices is Upon Us

Photo: iStock

Smart technologies are becoming a part of everyday life as more and more people recognize the benefits of them. Statistics from Juniper Research suggest that the number of IoT devices in use will increase by as much as 200% by 2021 bringing the total number of units in existence to around 46 billion.

The reduced hardware costs are driving much of this increase, but consumers are also driving a lot of it need/want for these items. Smart devices are not just pretty things to look at; they are intelligent machines that work in the most efficient way they can to try and save you money in the long run.

A report issued by Juniper Research and entitled “The Internet of Things: Consumer, Industrial & Public Services 2016-2021” reveals how both public and industrial services will grow substantially over the next five years, more than consumer services will. It also stated aspects such as spatiotemporal analytics and intelligent systems that can run on routers would need disrupting in order to integrate IoT technology fully.

Security is another area that was highlighted in the Juniper report as results proved that security threats to IoT technology devices are on the increase. Unfortunately, 2016 was quite a notable year in terms of high-profile botnet attacks, and it’s evident that tighter security measures do need to be enforced. Threats will also become more apparent in the form of both data theft from both corporate and personal individuals as well as physical asset damage. But do not fret as heavy investments are being made in IoT technology security at the moment, so hackers beware!

In just one year the growth of the IoT security market is expected to reach 55% according to a study carried out by This will give those companies who safeguard IoT systems from hackers and other security threats many increased opportunities. But, even with these companies in existence, there is still a significant investment needed to bring IoT security to an acceptable standard. Without it, we will all be at risk.

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