Need Someone to Answer Your Emails for you? Just Get Google AI to Do it!

Google just got even cooler as the tech giants have introduced a Smart Reply feature on Google’s Inbox that will be able to answer your emails for you.  This artificial intelligence is that good it can suggest actual responses to individual emails using machine learning techniques. There is still more work to be done on the app as replies are not quite up to scratch yet, but knowing Google, it won’t be long before the app is up and running to its full potential and wowing everyone as it goes.

Smart reply works by using machine learning and artificial neural networks to deal with certain inputs and outputs. One of the recurrent neural networks used by Google Inbox is used to process the information contained in the email while the other is used to construct possible responses. The first neural net will read the email on your behalf, scanning it word for word as to not miss anything. The second neural net will take that idea or information it’s just read and construct a response that’s both logically and grammatically correct.

As with most new things, there are a few teething problems that still need to be ironed out, but they’re not as bad as they could be. One of the main issues at the moment is actually rather pleasant which is to tell everyone “I love you.” The reason for this is that as part of machine learning, the more often a network sees something, the more important it believes it is. Because “I love you” is a very commonly used phrase, the neural network used this quite a lot at first. However now, engineers have modified the response generator to be able to recognize the tone and match the response accordingly.

The amazing Smart Reply feature is available for both iOS and Android and will be able to generate as many as 20,000 responses that range between three to six words. So, if you need a tool to help you get through your daily emails, then why not check it out and see how Smart Reply can make your life that little bit easier.

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