Apple’s Move Start to Pay Back: iMessage Economy

The festive season is upon us. Whereas individuals are looking towards ticking their wish list and getting all the Apple products they possible can get their hands on, big companies are looking towards big business.

For Apple, this is the perfect period to lure developers in creating messaging products that are compatible with iOS instead of Android. Introduced in autumn 2016, the iMessage service is set to build an oddly symbiotic relationship between Apple and app developers. Companies such as JibJab which sell stickers and GIFs will profit from this new venture. Just from the iOS10, iMessage overhauled platform in September, JibJab recorded a stunning 1500% download growth rate.

Through Apple’s iMessage, developers will help the option of creating stickers for iMessage. This comes along with packages of GIFs that can be quickly setup. For companies such as JibJab and Whalerock, the iMessage apps will mean creating silly stuff for serious money. As noted by Greg Spiridellis, JibJab CEO, the company was able to create and release its iMessage app in a space of 10 weeks in a calculated race against other developers.

Companies have noted that building an iMessage app is not complicated. It is actually similar to all other app creations. The only difference is integrating the app directly into iMessage for enhanced functionality. Although JibJab and other companies do not have full access to analytics information from purchases, this does not stop these app developers from looking into opportunities within the iMessage ecosystem.

Big players including McDonald’s and the New Yorker are already tapping into the iMessage app using iOS 10.2.

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