Energy Harvesting Pavements Could Be Coming to A Street Near You

© Platio

Renewable energy harvesting is big businesses and a hot topic right now, and with thanks to new startup Platio, it just got stepped up a notch. Pavements are the perfect place to harvest solar energy as they are constantly lapping up the rays that are emitted. No longer will pavements simply be a thing you stomps across, but now, they will be the thing that charges your phone, car, or even home in one or another.

It may sound quite ambitious, but Platio is confident in their plans to create a modular paving system, similar to that of LEGO, which simply slots together and harvests clean energy directly from the sun. Platio’s system works by capturing the sun’s rays using monocrystalline silicon cells inside a tempered glass. They are also easy to put together and durable enough not to get damaged when people walk on them.

Platio commented, “The units are compact and modularly connect making electronic contact without additional wiring by a powerline communication systems which connects automatically during the establishment.” Figures suggest that the pavement is capable of generating as much as 160 watts per square meter and comes in a choice of three different colors.

The startup has already secured more than $70,000 and sold 150 square meters, so there is interest out there. Platio isn’t stopping there either. The company’s plans include creating solar building facades, community energy storage systems, and holographic into the pavement, so watch out for more exciting products to come from Platio.

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