Users Say Privacy Not Taken Seriously By Evernote

Evernote, the digital note taking service, made a brave announcement last week that will involve some of the companies employees reading user’s (once private) notes. The action comes following a decision to use machine learning technology to enhance their service for the good of the user. So why are so many people against it?

Well, many people say that it is against human rights and that they should not have to worry about their privacy and the fact that someone may have access to their private notes. But, it’s not quite that straight forward and cut throat. Evernote is giving everyone fair warning that this will be happening from the 27th January 2017 onwards and that they do have the option to opt out and no employees will be able to read their notes, and they will remain private. However, the downfall in doing this is that user will never be able to make use of the machine learning capabilities that will eventually be in place. Users also have the option to opt in but to encrypt certain messages they don’t want Evernote employees to see, which is probably what many people will end up choosing.

But, this still isn’t good enough for many Evernote customers, and various users have stated their concerns and frustrations via social media site, Twitter. Adding this to the recent announcement to move its corporate infrastructure (including customer data) to Google’s cloud service is certainly going to have an impact, but just how much remains to be seen.

A spokesperson for Evernote recently wrote: The decision to use machine learning was not dependent on anything in particular. We want to improve the service and see the advent and availability of many machine learning tools as very promising. The big thing that’s changing is around the accuracy of the tools, especially those from Google. We have access to some of those tools as a Google customer, and the cloud migration is coming close to completion, but those are not dependencies.

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