MIT Team Make Breakthrough in Programming Papers, Plastics, and Fabrics

MIT Media Lab

Inflating an object is a great way to transform the shape, and quite possibly the function of that item, and now, with thanks to a team of students at MIT’s Tangible Media Group, there is now a much better technology capable of doing just that. This new technology is called Aeromorphs and could be used to shape the future in regards to safety systems, toys, wearables, and so much more.

A custom software tool is used that allows the user to create a pattern that mimics the inflated item they want to make. The design is then sent over to a CNC machine for manufacturing before it’s inflated pneumatically. The team that has created Aeromorphs are the same team that’s responsible for the creation of Biologic – the synthetic bio skin that opens and closes its flaps as needed in order to regulate the wearer’s temperature and sweat.

The team is hoping that eventually Aeromorphs can be used in some consumer applications including sneakers that can be pumped full of air before being worn or a backpack that could alter its size and shape depending on what was inside it. Also, as a more practical solution. This technology could be used to streamline the shipping process for any company as provides a new, effective form of airbag protection. There are a number of uses that could make use of Aeromorph technology. Now all we can do is wait and see what the designers can do with it.

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