The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

Social media is huge right now. In fact, it’s bigger than it’s ever been with around two billion people using it on, in one form or another, on a regular basis. Tools have been developed that allow businesses to engage with their customers through social media. This enables the companies to gain a deeper understanding of what their customers want, how they can improve, and also gain an insight into what they’re doing well at.

Currently, artificial intelligence fits into social media mainly as a tool to pull common trends, words, and topics from posts too. But this only gives raw data in numbers; there is no reasoning behind it. What’s needed now is for an AI to be created that can listen to and understand social media posts and respond in a personalized way. And although the advancement of AI is moving at a phenomenal rate, we are still away from achieving that.

For now, further research will continue into the integration of AI within social media. But, rather than focus testing around the Turing test as most have been historical, the researchers are now focusing on beating the Winograd Schema Challenge. This test is much harder than the Turing test as it requires a much deeper level of understanding and one that is not quite achievable yet by AI. But, that day will hopefully one day come, and we will be one step closer to becoming a completely AI integrated society.

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