Noteworthy High-Tech Productions from 2016

The year 2016 came with several notable improvements in the world of high-tech productions. To mention but a few, bendable bike helmets and tattoos took over the world of creatives. This list contains some of the top creations of the year.

1. Modal VR

With Nolan Bushnell creator of Cheese as company’s co-founder, this wireless full body VR system is set to make big waves.

2. Rize 3-D printer

Unlike most 3-D printers that require several hours of post-processing by lab techs, Rize 3D printers come ready for use.

rizeoffice 1200 × 796

3. Delivery Robot from Starship Technologies

This password protected bot makes it through the crowded traffic gems by negotiating the urban sidewalks to deliver packages in mint condition and on time.

4. Football connection by Wilson X

If you have ever wanted a multi-player simulated game, this Wilson X 2016 creation is the answer to your fantasies.

5. Tesla’s solar roof

This new solar roof has not come with an entourage clunky shiny panels. Additionally, the photovoltaic cells have a 98% efficiency in comparison to the standard solar panels.

6. Foldable EcoHelmet

At just $5 retail price, these helmets are also recyclable and hopefully will soon be available at vending machines within city bike rental stations.

ecohelmet 460 × 460

7. DuoSkin Temporary Tattoo

Made from gold leaf, the tattoo contains tiny computer chips. It can also change colors according to changes in vital signs.

8. Amazon Eco with Alexa

Alexa is none intrusive home assistant that would take your commands and make them happen just as you would instruct a human.

amazon-echo-hero 940 × 448

9. LG bendable OLED screen imaging

The bendable organic LED prototype can revolutionize device usage. Introduced earlier in 2016, this LG invention has great potential.

lg lcd screen 2247 × 1498

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