With These Tips, Your Laptop Battery Can Last for Years

There’s always someone around you complaining that a battery in one of their devices needs charging. Whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or any other mobile device, they all need charging in order to operate. But, how many times can we keep recharging the same battery before if becomes inefficient or stops working altogether? Also, can we prolong the life of a battery by the way we treat it?

Basically, the better we look after our batteries, the longer they will last. This is a fact. There is no denying that eventually, they will stop working, as does everything, but just by taking a little extra time to look after your battery can prolong its life by years. So, what can you do to ensure you get the most out of your battery? Follow these tips:

Don’t waste charge cycles. Keep your devices charging whenever possible, but only when in use. Don’t leave them charging all the time as the battery will become damaged by the constant heat.

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Always use the correct charger. This way you can be sure that your device is getting just the right amount of power. Too much power over a period will affect the life of the battery. Some non-name brand chargers are of poor quality and can do much more damage than they are worth.

Don’t let your device or charger overheat. Try and keep all charging equipment at room temperature wherever possible. Being exposed to especially high or low temperatures can damage the battery permanently.

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Be careful. Dropping a battery could potentially cause damage to it, including causing them to leak dangerous chemicals.

Storage options. If you won’t be using your device for an extended period and plan on storing it, then most manufacturers advise to do this at room temperature and have it charged at around 50 percent in order to give your battery the best life possible.

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