It’s a Losing Battle for Utilities When it Comes to Solar Power


There’s no denying the many benefits that solar power has to offer. Not only is it a great form of renewable energy that doesn’t harm the environment, but it also saves you money too!  Rooftop solar panels have become such a popular method for the everyday consumer to power their homes and utilities are really starting to feel the effects.

Some utilities have even gone as far as to take rooftop solar to the courts as a way to undermine it in states such as Wisconsin, Florida, and Nevada, but residents are having none of it, and voters fought back every time.  Wisconsin residents rejected the attempt to allow utilities to add additional fees to utility bills that would kill solar.  Utilities in Florida spent $26 million trying to pass an undermining solar referendum in the state, but voters rejected it outright and solar will certainly be staying put in the “Sunshine State.”  While over in Nevada, residents voted to break up the monopoly of Berkshire Hathaway and customers now must be given a choice of solar in this particularly sunny state.

That’s showing a pretty promising trend in terms of solar power and proves just how much the customers want it.  It also shows why utilities are running scared.  There are more than 1 million homes in the US that have been fitted with rooftop solar panels, and that number is continuing to rise all the time.  The next, most logical step would be to then fit these solar powered homes with energy storage systems so that even more savings can be made.  For some, this could even mean the difference between saying on and off-grid.

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