Clothing Now Being Made From Synthetic Spider Silk of All Things!

Last month, New York unveiled the world’s first outdoor wear made from synthetic spider silk at a press event held at The North Face store on Fifth Avenue. It’s aptly named the Moon Parka and is being dubbed as a novelty item that’s the first of its kind in the world, being that it’s made from synthetic spider silk.

The Moon Parka has been made as a joint effort between North Face and start-up Spiber who specialize in biotech. The special synthetic spider silk is supplied by Spiber, while the fabulous design comes from the designers at North Face. As part of the unveiling, the prototype has also been around various North Face stores in Japan.

spider web north face 750 × 422

The marketing executive at Spiber, Daniel Meyer, said “Spider silk is the toughest material that is known, either in nature or otherwise. To boil down the advantages of our technology as simple as possible, it’s a protein material made through an entirely biological process like any other protein material; we have the advantage of being able to use a synthetic process to form that material.”

The Moon Parka is highly efficient and eco-friendly too as spider silk is a renewable resource that doesn’t need as many dyes adding to it when using it to make clothes. Meyer goes on to say, “It’s extremely efficient. It’s a fermentation process, so if we want more proteins we just make a bigger tank.” Although there is no official release date yet for the Moon Parka, the team is hopeful it will be at some pint next year.

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