How to Protect Your Privacy and Get Deleted From the Internet

As great as the good, old internet is, there are some pitfalls that come along with it. One of those is centered around security, and the lack of control people have over what is on there. But now, there is a solution to all this, and it’s now possible to delete any online details of yourself in just a few clicks. Keep reading.

Swedish developers have created a website called and will basically allow users to clean up any internet data that relates to them. It lets you view any websites you’ve subscribed to so you can choose whether to stay a member or unsubscribe or delete them. There’s no hard work involved, but it will ask you for your email address and password, so it scans any sites you’re subscribed to.

However, the service is not yet available to everyone, and those without a Gmail account will just have to wait for the time being. Another minor drawback is that it doesn’t provide a consistent search across the web and can miss things. But, it has been proved successful in ridding users of the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

So, the website may not completely delete all your details from the internet, but it will certainly make a huge reduction in your online presence and is one step closer to achieving the privacy and control of our personal data that we deserve. Check it out if you are Gmail ready. What have you got to lose?

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