Growing Protein Bubble is one of the Major Cause of Greenhouse Gases

In a world full of meat-lovers, there is an increasing amount of pressure being put on the meat farming industry to ensure that demand is met. But, those involved in the industry are struggling and finding it difficult to supply what is needed without harming the environment.

A new investment action group has been created that is looking into alternatives to all this meat production as is currently destroying the planet with the very carbon intensive farming methods that are used today. Jeremy Coller is the leader of the Farm Animals Investment Risk; Return Group (FAIRR) and he say, “Intensive livestock production already has levels of emissions and pollution that are too high, and standards of safety and welfare that are too low.” Statistics suggest that within as little as thirty years food production could account for almost half the world’s budget for carbon.

The group is a coalition of various Swedish state investment funds and Aviva Investors and is targeting companies such as Unilever, Walmart, and Nestle. Currently, the group is in control of assets totaling $1.25 trillion, so have a lot of capital to use to try and resolve the issues they’re facing. There is concrete evidence to show that eating too much meat is bad for you either. So, cutting down on the meat production will not only help improve the planet but will contribute to improve our own lives too. If you want to help then why not try and alternate some meat protein for grains, pulses, or seeds. They are much healthier for you and will help the planet survive just a little longer also.

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