Is it Possible That Apple iPhone’s Sales Could Fall Because of the Wrong Display Choice?

Apple is a company that has the backing of many investors, both regarding capital and in terms of followers. But, how long can one company continue to rise? Will the technology giants keep going from strength to strength, or is it finally time for the fall of Apple? Sharp president, Tai Jeng-wu seems to think that the company has expanded as much as they can concerning the LCD display of the iPhone, and for them to survive and continue to improve, they will need to turn instead to the likes of the OLED display.

Rumors are amidst that Apple is bringing out an iPhone with an OLED display in their iPhone just next year. This is in an attempt to try and keep up with its competitors who are already using the OLED displays and includes the likes of both Samsung and Google. At the front of the race is Samsung with the S7 Edge and its curved OLED screen. Being curved and flexible make this phone both innovative and attractive.

“Apple really needs to put OLED displays into their next model iPhones in order to stay at the leading edge of smartphone innovation,” Raymond Soneira from DisplayMate Technologies

As well as looking good, an OLED display will also give you a better response time, a permanently on display mode, better viewing angles, and screen uniformity and contrast accuracy. The new iPhone is rumored to have a bezel-less display with curved glass that stretches around the edges and maybe the back too. Various reports have also mentioned that the home button will be integrated within the screen which will have an estimated size of between 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Hopefully, this new OLED iPhone will turn things around for Apple and once again be seen as fierce competition.

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