Google’s Updated Timelapse is the Biggest Time Sink of The Day

Timelapse—a Google project launched in 2013 reveals how the earth has changed in the past 3 decades (give or take a few years). Recently, Timeless was updated to reveal imagery from the past 4 years. Data is now 1984 – 2016 with ‘petabytes’ of new data including clearer new images.

Images collected through Timelapse draw vivid changes as the earth faces deforestation, global warming, and war among other factors. The program offers curated selection using factors such as location, events etc.

Pointing the map on a particular location reveals changes over time. Chances of varying image quality are high. According to the video shared on Google blog, it took over 5, 000, 000 satellite images and 3 quadrillion pixels to create Timelapse.

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