Should We Be Worried About AI Robots? Will They Kill Us?

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Robots are great. There is no question about it. They can save a human time, money, and their life. But, are these robots capable of getting out of hand? Should we be concerned that we’re about to be overtaken by killer AI? According to the first report to come from the One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence (AI100), the answer is no, at least not imminently.

Also included in the first report to come from the AI100, entitled Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030, is a look into how AI advancements will make a change throughout the U.S. between now and 2030 across industries such as education, healthcare, and transportation.

Many people rely heavily on AI now as part of their choice of transport, and the report states, “Autonomous transportation will soon be commonplace and, as most people’s first experience with physically embodied AI systems will strongly influence the public’s perception of AI.” AI systems will also become more readily used in healthcare to assist physicians with mental data tasks.

Robots will also be developed that will focus on crime prevention and prosecution. Another statement in the report writes, “There is significant work on crowd simulations to determine how crowds can be controlled. At the same time, legitimate concerns have been raised about the potential for law enforcement agencies to overreach and use such tools to violate people’s privacy.”

But, the report still stands that there is no immediate concern in regards to the oncoming of the AI world. Robots are still a long way from being self-determined and concerned enough to do any harm to humanity. So, for now, at least, we can all sit back and relax and enjoy the benefits that AI can bring.

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