How To Transfer Data From PS4 to PS4 Pro

Thinking of adding the PS4 Pro console to your gaming collection? Stressed much about file and data transfer? No worries, the following steps will guide you on how to securely move all data to the Pro.

Step 1: Collect Supplies

You will need to group all your supplies. Switch on both your PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles and make sure they are running. Make sure you have a couple of working LAN cables and access to a broadband network.

Step 2: Connect to the TV

You will need to sign in, check for updates and process the transfer from your PS4, so connect it to the TV. Don’t worry about the old PS4, as long as its running.

Step 3: Check the Software

Do this with both of the consoles. Go to ‘Settings,’ scroll to ‘System Software Update.’ Update both consoles to ensure they are both running o the latest software available. Usually, update happens automatically behind the scenes, but you can double check – just for control.

Step 4: Connect the Consoles to the Network

Upon completing step 3, ensure that your consoles are connected to your home broadband network. Using Wi-Fi, go online, or, use the cables and connect to the ports. Using your regular PSN ID and password, sign into you Playstation account.

Step 5: Pack Up Your Data

A message will popup enquiring if you would like to transfer data from original console to the new unit, from your PSN account, after it has picked that you are signing in from a new console. Click ‘Transfer Data from Another PS4.’ Then press and hold down your PS4’s old power button. A beep sound signifies that your data is ready to be transferred. Let go of the button.

Step 6: Link the Consoles to Each Other

If your consoles are not hooked up to your home router, you can link them together using a single LAN cable. Plug one end into the rear end into the PS4 Pro and the opposite end on the rear end of the old PS4 console

Step 7: Select Transfer Options

On the screen, you will see the types of data you can transfer. This option allows you to customize the data exchange by selecting what you want to be transferred to the new console. Click the data boxes next to elements e.g. applications, captures, themes, settings, and saved data. A readout of memory used and free on your PS4 Pro’s hard drive will pop up to the right. Beneath the checklist, there will be an estimation of the transfer period. When you are ready to proceed, click next.

Step 8: Activate the PS4

The next screen will prompt if you would like to make the new console your primary gaming console. Click ‘Yes,’ to activate the PS4 Pro as the primary console for all users.  All your synched trophy data will be moved to the new unit. When your transfer is finished, you get to start enjoying your new console!

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