Trump May Destroy Apple’s Future iPhone Sales in China

Newly elected president, Donald Trump, could be about to destroy not just Apple iPhone sales but the States’ current relationship with China. It’s no secret that Trump is a big critic of the way China acts in regards to its trade dealings with the U.S. and earlier this year was captured saying that he would label the government as a “currency manipulator” when he becomes President.

The Global Times are a Chinese state-run news agency, and they write that “China will take a tit-for-tat approach” in response to Trump’s threats which will see actions such as Boeing orders being replaced by Airbus U.S. auto and iPhone sales in China also taking a hit. Imports such as maize and soybean will also be stopped and Chinese students wanting to study in the U.S. may also be restricted by the government. But, as of yet, China has not said it will be getting involved in activities that could harm American companies, but not much is standing in the way. The country has already banned the likes of Google, Facebook, and other American companies, so what’s to stop them separating themselves from the U.S. altogether?

This isn’t an action that would be welcomed by all U.S. companies as there are many Trump stated earlier in the year that he could impose expensive tariffs on imports from China if he wanted and said that the country’s government is the world’s biggest thief.  Apple has already seen a drop in sales revenue from the country, and if Trump’s tariffs go ahead, that trend may continue.

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