Top Apps to Improve Your Mental Health


Proper mental care can now be accessed much more easily with thanks to a variety of new apps that have been developed. Mental health has become more of a focus in society over the past decade as treatments become more specialized and acceptance of it has become more widespread. Technology and healthcare go hand in hand, and as one advances, so does the other. Below are nine healthcare apps that are designed to improve mental health:

Operation Reach Out:  This is a free app that is dedicated to helping those that have previously served in the military.  The main aim of Operation Reach Out is to reduce suicide among military personnel and veterans and encourages people to get in touch when times are low.  The app itself acts as a central contact center and has both support and activities for those who in need.

Simple Habit:  Designed by a team of Harvard psychologists and experts in meditation, the Simple Habit app features a range of personalized meditations for various situations you may encounter in life, including going to work, coping with PMS, or preparing for a speech.

BetterHelp:  This app aims to match you with a mental heal professional that is able to recognize your needs and give you the help you deserve.  So, to begin with, once you have completed a questionnaire and signed up to the site, you will be offered a free trial membership of 7 days.  To carry on after that, you will need to subscribe (costs are currently $35 per week for unlimited sessions with your counselor).

Headspace:  Designed to address various sleep disorders, depression, anxieties, and stress, this app provides you with various guided mediation programs.  After ten days of successful meditating, you are given access to a whole host of extra programs.  Signing up is free, but you will need to pay $12.95 per month for access to the programs for one month, or $7.99 per month for the whole year.  (other subscription packages are also available)

Talkspace:  This platform connects mental health professionals with those who need help.  It’s available both online and as an app, and you can pick your own subscription level.  Unlimited therapy sessions cost $32 per week for messaging only, $43 per week for messaging and one live session, and $69 per week for messaging and four live sessions.

MindShift:  MindShift is an app that aims to help those with anxiety issues.  It will help you learn relaxation techniques, change your way of thinking, and allow you to take control of the problem once and for all.  There are helpful strategies and tools to help you get a better night’s sleep, dealing with social anxiety, test anxiety, worry, panic, and more.

Joyable:  This app is a fantastic tool for anyone suffering from social anxiety.  It offers a complete CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) program to help you manage your anxieties and live a happier, healthier life.  You can get a seven-day free trial at Joyable, and after that is just $25 per month for treatment.

IntelliCare:  Mental health issues are not always so straightforward and easy to diagnose.  Sometimes a combination of treatments is required, and that’s where IntelliCare comes in.  This is a suite of apps that work in conjunction with one another to try and pin down common causes of anxiety and depression.

Optimism Apps:  This suite of apps works by detecting patterns in your health and developing steps and strategies to manage your mental health issues.  With this app, you can begin to understand warning signs and what triggers may affect you.

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