Smart Power Gets A Re-Design Thanks to Totem

Smart technologies are constantly getting better, and not just in the way they function, but also in the way they look as well and Totem is one fine example of that. Totem is the world’s first energy solution to function just how it does and is a groundbreaking platform for people and businesses alike. This energy solution combines solar energy and storage with WiFi and 4G, EV charging facilities, and smart lighting into one, a funky tower that may just have the ability to change the world as we know it.

Expected to be released and ready to for action in summer 2017, the Totem is an 18-ft tower that will raise public awareness of clean energy whether they want to acknowledge it or not. It’s a fantastic tool that’s been designed with communities in mind and the need to bring clean energy to the planet. Totem can be used in the city, in schools, campuses, retail settings, and more!

 totem_exploded_axon 500 × 386

The aim of Totem is to provide a platform that works as an integral tool not just for communities, but for local businesses too. Totem Power Inc. is the mastermind company behind it all and is all about providing smart utility and clean power to communities, cities, and companies. They will also look good, too. “We’ve had the same utility poles for more than 50 years, and we think there’s opportunity to bring that type of infrastructure forward by applying our product design and making something beautiful that inspires people and engages then”, says Totem’s CEO, Brian Lakamp.

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