No More Noise Free Engines Will Allowed For Hybrid and Electrical Cars

No longer will electric vehicles be allowed to house completely noise free engines.  This is in a bid to try and stop any deaths or serious injuries from occurring because the pedestrian simply ‘could not hear the vehicle coming.’  Both electric and hybrid models will fall under the rule issued by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and will be required to produce noise when moving at low speeds.

Many people feel this should have been the case from the start, but better late than never, eh? Electric cars have always been pretty silent since they were first introduced to the market, and until the dangers were recognized, it was once one of its selling points.  But, under the new rule, all newly manufactured electric vehicles that weigh 10,000 lbs or less must make an audible noise when traveling up to 19mph in any direction. The reason noise is not required at higher speeds is because wind noise and tire sounds will be apparent anyway.

The noise in which the vehicle makes when traveling under 19 mph will be up to the manufacturer to decide.  US Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx said, “ With more, quieter hybrid and electrical cars on the road, the ability for all pedestrians to hear as well as see the cars becomes an important factor in reducing the risk of possible crashes and improving safety.” As of September 1st 2019, all electric vehicle manufacturers will need to conform to the new standards.

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