How To Quickly Move Photos From one iPhone to Another?

We all like to take a photo now and then.  But, what’s really annoying is having to move them all to another iPhone when you upgrade or exchange you old one.  Sometimes the process of moving data and photos could literally take hours, and we all have more important things to be doing than that, right?  Well, now thanks to AirDrop we can be free to get on with them as they have now made this process relatively quick and painless.  You can follow the same process whether you want to send photos from your old iPhone to your new one or your friend.  Check it out:

(Just to make you aware, to use AirDrop to transfer your photos you’ll need to be running at least iOS 7 on an iPhone 5 or later)

1 – Ensure AirDrop is installed and turned on by tapping on it.  Then select either Contact Only or Everyone to set who you can send and receive AirDrops to and from.


2 – Find the photos you want to send to another iPhone in the Photos app.

3 – Once you have selected all the photos that you want to send, tap the Share icon in the lower left corner.

4 – Select the option that says Tap to share with AirDrop.

5 – Find the person you want to receive the photo and tap on their contact bubble.


And, that’s it!  It’s as easy as that.  In just 5 simple steps you can send all or some photos to another iPhone.  The recipient will get a notification that you want to send something via AirDrop and as soon as they accept the photo(s) will be added to that iPhone.  Please note that sending multiple photos as once will take considerably longer than if sending individual ones.

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