Crash Testing: Cars From Mexico vs Cars From US

Crash testing is a part of any auto manufacturers design process, and without it, we would be letting ourselves into anything every time we got into a car. So, Nissan has been completing some of its safety tests lately and has been using two different models in a head-on collision test. These are a US spec 2016 Nissan Versa and a Mexican spec 2015 Nissan Tsura.

During the testing phase, the two cars had a closing speed of 80 mph (35.8 m/s) as they went head on against each other and each suffered significant damage upon impact. The two cars did show differences in the way they responded upon impact, but neither was sufficient in the grand scheme of things. The Versa just slowed down after the collision but still kept moving whereas the Tsuru came to a dead stop after impact.

Out of both of these cars, it would appear that the Versa came off less damaged, but some of this may be down to the lower acceleration of the Tsuru. After testing was complete, international crash-testing authority, Global NCAP advised that the Nissan Tsuru should be taken out of production altogether as is not considered to be safe enough. Following this suggestion, the powers that be of car giants have advised that the car will go out of production next May, even though it is the most affordable Nissan sedan on the market and has been around since 1992.

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