13 of the World’s Smartest Intelligence Companies (as rated by MIT)

If you have wondered who the leaders are in the world of AI, then read through the flowing list that was composed by MIT to see if any of these ring a bell. Every year, editors at the MIT Technology Review go through and list what they feel are the world’s 50 Smartest Companies. This year, for the first time, of those 50 companies, more than 20% were ones that rely on AI to support their businesses at a crucial level, labeling them as a “smart” company. Here they are:

NVidia:  These guys acquired Irish innovators Movidius earlier in the year and have been making a big success of their “AI in a box” development that supports VR programs, self-driving software, and UAV applications such as independent drones.

Facebook:  This company made a list mainly due to its Oculus Rift offering, but does also use AI in other areas of its business.

Baidu:  China’s equivalent to Google, with its headquarters in Beijing, Baidu is worth a whopping $55 billion.  It’s currently developing a speech recognition intelligence program called Deep Speech 2.

Line:  Chatbots have taken over at this Japanese digital communications company.

Microsoft:  A 5,000 person AI business unit has just been formed by Microsoft in an attempt to integrate AI into all their platforms and experiences.

Enlitic:  This private startup uses AI to detect if a person has any health problems by scanning their X-rays which could be really useful in terms of spotting the signs of various cancers early on.

IBM:  AI is at the forefront of everything for this company at the moment.  A lot of time and money has been invested into this area already, and there are no signs of this slowing anytime soon.

Tesla:  Tesla uses AI to map real world data in real time using its camera and radar setup.  Statistics show that accidents are reduced by as much as 50% on autopilot thanks to AI.

Improbable:  This London-based company is an operating system startup that uses AI and deep learning techniques to simulate reality but write your own rules and set those in motion.

Fanuc:  One of Japan’s leading robotics companies, Fanuc utilizes AI to ensure their robots can learn independently.  By employing this method, one of their machines takes on average just eight hours to learn a completely new task.  That’s way better than a lot of people!

Alphabet:  Google’s daddy, Alphabet, uses AI through many of its applications including Google search and throughout Deep Mind.

Bosch:  This company embracing the likes of AI to secure its future growth and are predicting a billion in extra revenue and another in savings will come from AI manufacturing techniques.

Didi Chuxing:  China’s Uber equivalent, Didi Chuxing, has a few hundred of its current employees working on projects involving AI.  The company is focusing in particular on smarter routing, congestion mitigation, and energy optimization in order to best increase its revenue.

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