Is PC Games Market Losing Game Against The Apps?


With the amount of mobile devices that are now present throughout the world, it’s no real surprise to learn that mobile games are overtaking sales on the PC market. Gone are the days when people were worried that their mobile device just couldn’t compare to that of a PC. Now, the tables have turned, and mobile devices are about to reach a major milestone in 2017.

The gaming industry is estimated to be worth just shy of $100 billion by the end of 2016, so it’s big business. The mobile gaming market on its own is said to be worth around $36.9 billion and have a growth of around 21%. This is huge compared to that of what PC gaming is bringing in.

One of the factors that helped this growth along is the fact that mobile device manufacturers are designing their products to be able to cope with the demands of mobile gaming, and many are even better than PCs in handling these games. Another factor is that less lag time is experienced now on smartphones as manufacturers have designed technology to fix this. And a third factor that has contributed to the growth of the mobile gaming industry is that manufacturers have found a good balance between functionality and style.

As more people learn that mobile devices can handle games just as well, if not better than a PC, a huge chunk of the market will shift, and the mobile gaming industry will soar like never before. The world is changing and so is technology, so it’s time to embrace the change and look forward to what we have coming.

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