Designing a Medical 3D Printer For the NASA’s Mars Mission

Not ones to shy away from a mission, the team at NASA have launched another 3D printing challenge, this time one that’s aimed at K-12 students. It’s a bid to attract more interest in the missions to Mars and get the young involved and prepared for what is to come. The challenge will focus on developing medical technology that can be used during a Mars mission.

This isn’t the first time NASA opened a public competition of this sort (i.e. to generate new technology ideas) and has proved quite successful in past ventures including generating ideas for a 3D printable Mars habitat. But this time is being aimed at the younger, more impressionable folk (K-12). The challenge for the youngsters is to come up with a 3D model of something that could be used by the astronaut to help with their physical well being while on a three-year mission to Mars. The designed device could be to help with diagnosing health problems, preventing them, emergency first-aid, surgical, or dental procedures. Either way, it will ensure that astronauts are protected as much as possible while out exploring the Red Planet.

The challenge went underway on October 26 this year and the closing date for entries to be submitted is January 25, 2017. Once all entrants have been explored, the winner(s) will be announced on March 28, 2017. So, if you have some great ideas burning then why not go ahead, take a look and enter the competition yourself. You never know, you may just win it!

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