Be Seen and Stay Alive With These Reflective High-Tech Running Jackets

It may sound a little harsh, but there are too many fatal accidents that occur each and every year that perhaps could have been avoided with a little more thought.  Running is a popular sport, and often runners are out on the roads at night or very early morning in times of poor visibility.  If runners could all ensure they wore reflective running jackets wherever possible, it would minimize the risk of not being seen and would enhance their safety immensely.  Below are ten of the best reflective jackets that are available on the market right now and could just save yours or a loved one’s life.  Take a look:

1 – Adidas Reflective Hoodie:  It’s black so will go with anything and still looks stylish, but when the sun goes down it becomes reflective along the right arm and the hood.  It’s good for those more chilly evenings, and ill cost a modest $55 to purchase.

adidas-reflective 660 × 440

2 – Mizuno Breath Thermo Zip Up:  It’s a little more expensive than the Adidas hoodie at $85, but there is a lot more to it.  Firstly it has reflective yarn woven into the chest and parts of the back that shine brightly when struck by streetlights or headlights.  Secondly, it has Mizuno’s Breath Thermo inner layer to keep you warmer in even the coldest of weather.


3 – Brooks LSD Running Jacket:  This jacket is lightweight, windproof, and water resistant and is covered in a 360-degree reflective print also.  It will cost you around $100 to purchase.


4 – North Face Rapido Moda Jacket:  Although it’s one of the more least expensive running jackets at just $110, this wind and water-resistant jacket is both stylish practical at the same time.  You have the backing of it being made by a quality brand and it’s finished in a reflective paint pattern that will make sure you are seen.


5 – Proviz Reflect 360:  Made by cycling apparel pro’s this jacket is waterproof, and is made with 100% CE EN471 reflective material.  It’s also been designed to keep runners both cool and dry when out on their run with an interior mesh lining and air-vents both under the arms and on the chest.  This jacket is available for $116.


6 – Nike Shield Flash:  For a mere $125 you can get Nike’s low light reflective jacket that shines all down the yoke and arms, has a back slit for ventilation and has included in its design the latest Dri-FIT technology.


7 – Saucony Reflex Jacket:  This reflex jacket is lightweight and water resistant and has a 360-degree reflective styling on the back and chest.  It’s also fitted with a breathable mesh lining to keep you cool on your run.  It’s $135, but for a brand like Saucony, you know you will get value for money for any running or gym accessories.


8 – UnderArmor ColdGear Infrared Reflective Runner:  We climb to the higher end of the scale when it comes to this jacket.  It may cost $250 but is well worth it.  It has total reflectivity and is made of water and wind resistant material that is happy to take on even the toughest of weathers.  ColdGear Infrared technology is also built into the jacket, which helps you retain your own body heat.


9 – Beacon Jacket:  Going up another notch in price will get you the Beacon Jacket for $295.  This jacket has a GLOW trim on it and is built to a high weather resistant standard designed to keep even the coldest of temperatures out.


10 – TAO Illuminator Jacket:  At the very top of the scale sits the TAO illuminator Jacket.  This jacket features reflective patterning and high-performance LED lamps near the bottom of the jacket to not only make you seem but help light the way too.  It’s weather resistant and 100% waterproof, but then at $483 you would expect it to be, wouldn’t you?


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