Amazon is All Set to Take Australia by Storm

Being one of the oldest and biggest online retailers going, it’s no real surprise that Amazon is finally branching out across the water to start operating in Australia. This is set to happen in September 2017 and will include a specifically made Australian platform for buying goods and fresh products and will even be setting up some physical retail stores too.

Quite how this is going to affect the In terms of operating in Australia, things may work slightly different to how they do in the U.S. or the United Kingdom for example. Australia are not quite up to date in terms of online retail shopping, so it makes take some time for residents to completely warm to the idea of Amazon, but when they do, it will no doubt take off as expected. The original launch for the Australian Amazon was planned for March 2017 but was put back six months to ensure it will not disappoint.

To try and capture the interest of Australia’s residents Amazon will be offering their products 30 percent lower than its Australian competitors. The fact that Australia is so far behind in terms of online retailing is a great thing for Amazon and many of the other various large retailers that are looking to or already have set up operations “down under.” Even Alibaba has announced its opening its first Australian office in Melbourne in 2017. So, watch out Australia, the retail industry could look very different in ten years time to what it does now.