Valuable UI/UX Designer Tools and Websites That Should Not Be Ignored

If you are a UI or UX designer, then you are probably aware of some of the cool design suites and packages there are available for you to work from.  However, there are also probably a few that you don’t know about and that could save you valuable time and money. Check out the below for a quick run through of some of the best available tools on the market that will improve usability and user experience.

1.  Perfect Icons:  This is a tool that will allow you to create resolution-independent social icons.

image-03- 1413 × 651

2.  Trianglify:  If you need help in generating triangle materials and the background of SVG and CSS.

image- 1402 × 748

3.  Pttrns:  This site is dedicated to providing designers with a range of mobile design patterns and UI resources such as UIKit and UI elements.

image- 1405 × 754

4.  Tech&All:  On this website, you will find a whole range of design resources including templates, visual design, UIKits, navigation design and UI elements.

image- 1400 × 774

5.  UX checklist:  This is a professional checklist service that allows users to review all stages of their project to ensure it has been finished correctly.

image 1420 × 725

6.  PrimeLiber:  PrimeLiber is a Russian site that provides designers with free, helpful, resources.  It’s free of charge and displays information about startups, growth hack, UI/UX design, programming, and SEO.

image 799 × 450

7.  Freebiesbug:  For useful resources un connection with web design, Freebiesbug offers various resources for users such as templates, UI, and plug-ins.


8.  UI faces:  This is a handy site for finding sample avatars to use in UI mockups.


9.  Font Awesome:  This supplies you with scalable, vector icons that can be personalized via color, size, drop shadow, and any other features that CSS will allow.


10.  Good UI:  Good UI is a website where there are a large number of tips and skills training to refer to.


11.  Mockplus Blog:  Mockplus is a fantastic site that holds a wealth of valuable UI/UX information.  There are tutorials and blogs to gain useful information and all is free of charge.


12.  Flat UI color picker:  This is a great tool that will help with all those color schemes and if you want to create a flat style interface design free of charge.


13.  Site inspire:  Site inspire is great for designers that have hit a design block and just need a little inspiration


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