Can We Really Re-Create Earth on Other Planets and Moons?

For quite some time now scientists, astronauts and others involved in the astronomy field have been interested in beginning life elsewhere in the solar system.  The two most important places of real interest are Mars and the moon, but if colonies are set up successfully here, then where next?  The sky is literally the limit once a few hurdles are overcome.

One of the reasons that we began looking for other places within the solar system to colonize is the fact that we have damaged this planet quite substantially and it’s still yet to be seen whether this has to be rectified or not.  So, if we can’t save the planet, the next best thing would be to move somewhere else, right?

But, what would it really take to convert a whole planet such as Mars into something habitable for us all?  Perhaps making the atmosphere thicker would be a good place to start, and then scatter a few plants around to give the atmosphere a more warm and friendly feel like Earth.  Finally, melt some of those polar ice caps as an ongoing water source, and there you have it – a second Earth.

However, it isn’t that simple – hence why we are not yet living there as one, big happy nation.  Even we could re-create an atmosphere that mimics the one we have on Earth; it would soon be eaten away by the radiation and solar winds that are up there.  But, getting to live on Mars is still a challenge that is very much being worked on and is unlikely to stop until we get there.

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