This Spinning Solar Cells Generate 20 Times More Power Than Regular Panels

This new type of solar cell was designed and developed in a different way to most traditional solar panels. You see, unlike others, the V3 Spin Cell is cone shaped, and they spin, so it maximizes the sun’s rays at all points, generating 20 times more power than the rest!  These cones are one meter in diameter and feature hundreds of photovoltaic cells on each one, strategically positioned at an angle of 56 degrees. Their own generated electricity also powers the way in which they spin.

The V3 Spin Cell could revolutionize the solar panel market of it does take off, especially with the capability they can offer. The spinning is also a way to cool the PV’s, so generation capacity is not lost through heat build-up.  Not only can you have an array of V3 Spin Cells, but you can also have a Power Pole which will allow solar power generation in even the smallest of spaces.  The pole holds ten spin cells that are precisely placed so that no one cell shades any part of another for maximum exposure.

The team is hoping that as more people adopt these cones and poles that there will be a significant reduction in the physical footprint and could even reduce the cost of owning solar farms quite significantly and make projects more economically viable. There are plenty of people that would be interested, but it’s getting over the initial cost that is the main hurdle. Once that has been overcome, people will be flocking in to take up this technology.

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