Tesla Hires Previous Daimler Workers for its Tesla Semi Project

With the rise of electric vehicles also comes the rise of super electric trucks and with thanks to the US Department of Energy (DOE) truck manufacturers have just received huge grants to help make this happen. The main aim with the cash injection is for the manufacturers to produce medium and heavy-duty vehicles that are far better in fuel economy than they are currently.

One of the manufacturers that have done quite well in winning a quarter of the $80 million grant for itself is Daimler. With their cool $20 million Daimler workers were busy working away creating a second version of their 12mpg Freightliner “SuperTruck” aptly called “SuperTruck II.”

While Daimler is working on their SuperTruck II, you have Elon Musk and co in the other corner working away on the Tesla Semi. And, the strange thing is that many of Tesla’s key engineers seem to be from the team that was involved in creating the original “SuperTruck.”  One of the key players now on the Tesla Semi team is former Model S Program Director and Daimler’s Cascadia GM, Jerome Guillen, who now heads the project.

Another key person that has jumped ship (or car in this instance) is Evan Chenoweth.  He was previously involved in the designing of Daimler’s SuperTruck’s hybrid engine but is now Senior Mechanical Design Engineer with Tesla.  Where Tesla is looking to get ahead of the SuperTruck is through the mpg, and they will do this through a complete battery-powered truck rather than the hybrids that are currently being used on the roads today.  Tesla is keeping quiet about whether they have applied for any of the DOE’s grants, but Musk is adamant there will be an unveiling of some kind in the next six to nine months regardless, so watch this space!

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