AI Gets Integrated into Microsoft Office 365

Many companies are integrating artificial intelligence (in one form or another) into their businesses to help them save both valuable time and money. Microsoft is one of those companies as it knows the massive benefits that employing AI can bring to the corporation. One of the latest developments to be revealed that uses AI technology is in Office 365.

Some of the features that have been implemented and made possible through the use of AI include Tap for Word and Outlook that can pull up relevant company information to help finish a project and PowerPoint and Sway will have a QuickStarter function that gives various outlines for topics for presentation building. Another feature includes that in Excel that will be able to turn geographical data into Bing-based maps.  Most of these fantastic features are available now, but the Excel and PowerPoint adaptations will be coming later in the year.

Dynamics 365 will also be getting a shake up using AI technology to assist sales reps in trying to secure sales and using an AI agent in its American call centers to field calls and answer all their customer’s questions. So, Microsoft is certainly one company to watch out for in terms of helping to integrate AI into the world. Now, it’s just a case of seeing who will follow suit and recognize the potential that AI can bring to their firm, not just in terms of saving time and money, but in terms of innovation too.

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