Apple’s New App Allows Everyone to Code Easily

Computers are all around us. They’re getting more and more advanced every single day and it’s always a good idea for us humans to try and keep in top of the advancing of technology and move with the times. Well, the focus of the time now is on coding and thanks to Apple, it has now been made easier to learn than ever before (according to Apple).

Apple’s new coding curriculum is entitled Everyone Can Code and its main purpose is to teach anyone to code through their new app called Swift Playgrounds. This app will let the user write code on the left side of the screen while on the right side of the screen they get to see their code come to life and see what it is they are actually creating with their code.  Students can solve puzzles, play games, and control characters all through simple use of coding and is a great development tool for students who want to have a go at creating their own apps.

Apple developed programming lessons are used on the Swift Playground app where students write their own code in order to guide the on-screen character through the computer world, progressing further by successfully mastering challenges and solving puzzles using the coding concepts they have learned. Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi, said, “Swift Playgrounds is the only app of its kind that is both easy enough for students and beginners, yet powerful enough to write real code.  It’s an innovative way to bring real coding concepts to life and empower the next generation with the skills they need to express their creativity.”

Many teachers are getting excited about the thought of Swift Playgrounds being incorporated into their lesson plans. Jean MacDonald is the founder of App Camp for Girls and she for one will definitely be using it in part of their camp lessons.  There is even a guide for teachers on how to help bring Swift Playgrounds into the classroom which includes activities, journal prompts, reflection questions and so much more.  So, if you are looking for a fun way to learn or teach coding then check out Swift Playgrounds today to see what fun you can have.

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