New FUSION Experience Allows Users to Get a Real Feel for Mars

If you are looking for something exciting to get your teeth into then why not check out FUSION’s new Mars 2030 experience that will be at Miami’s III Points Music, Arts, & Technology Festival from the 7th to the 9th October. It’s an immersive virtual reality production that allows users to don a spacesuit and helmet and fly to Mars where they can explore the Red Planet in all its beauty. To make the whole experience as life-like as possible, the creators included details from real life Mars missions, courtesy of NASA.

The partnership with NASA worked well both ways. While FUSION got to include real life Mars mission data, NASA got all the information FUSION had collated do they could convert if and use it as part of a training exercise for their own astronauts.  To make the whole experience as realistic as possible, the sound is also an important factor to consider. The Mars 2030 project opted for eight-time Grammy Award winner, Julio Reyes to create music that would fit the scenes the user was experiencing.

Co-President and Chief Content Officer for FUSION, Daniel Eilemberg, announced, “We are thrilled to showcase FUSION’s Mars 2030 at III Points, enabling people to interact with this innovative experience at a festival that has been breaking boundaries since its inception.  We have been eager to find a way to work with the III Points team since our launch nearly three years ago, and what better way to collaborate than transporting audiences to another planet?” So, if you want to feel the Mars 2030 experience, get your tickets now for the 7-9th October in Miami, Florida.

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