Apple Get One Up On Galaxy By Doing…. Nothing


It’s disappointing times for Samsung right now as they work hard to recall 2.5 million smartphones from the market due to a terrible design flaw.  Normally, Apple would have something to say about the very big ‘whoopsie,’ but as Samsung made the announcement, Apple simply did nothing.  Although this is unusual behavior for Apple, the company can be confident that it will certainly help their sales figures for the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus that are just about to launch.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones have been recalled as many have been fitted with faulty components that have caused the batteries to explode and subsequently catch on fire.  But, not everyone had the same decorum and class as Apple.  Motorola couldn’t help themselves and had to have a dig at Samsung by saying in some marketing materials, “At Moto, our priority is safety first.  Unlike some manufacturers, we adhere to the highest standards in quality and testing of all our batteries.”

Samsung should be thankful that Apple has not taken a pop at them when times are bad as if the shoe was on the other foot, things may not be so tame.  Not so long ago, Samsung ripped Apple for killing the headphone jack even before the iPhone 7 was official and is constantly belittling them in its promotional material.  But, Apple is going to sit back and be the bigger company and let the sales speak for themselves.

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