Reserve Your Place on the “How to Survive on Mars” Course

Reserve Your Place on the

Astrophysicist Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway and chemist Tina Overton have devised a course that will enable students to be prepared when the time comes for some people to take to the skies and get involved in the Mars exploration projects.  This online course entitled, “How to Survive on Mars: The Science Behind Human Exploration of Mars” will be offered out of the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, but only as an online course for the time being.

The course has already sparked quite a lot of interest, and over 1,500 people have already reserved their place, waiting for it to start in October.  There are no previous study requirements needed to take the course and will teach even those with no scientific background at all, how to survive on Mars.  And, the best thing about the course is that it’s free!  It will take four weeks to complete the course with a requirement to attend 3-hour weekly classes online.

While many people see getting to Mars as the problem, but surviving on Mars is the real challenge. The two scientists became inspired to design the course after reading The Martian by Andy Weir.  Some of the most important points you will learn in the course include learning how to create water or oxygen, which are essential for survival. Although it has not clear how students will be assessed at the end of the course, it will at least get them prepared for the exciting times to come that will involve traveling, exploring and even settling on the Red Planet.

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