We Might Say Goodbye To Google’s Project Ara

We Might Say Goodbye To Google's Project Ara

Project Ara was an effort by Google to build a modular smartphone that captured the interest of man different people.  However, it has now been said that Google is pulling the plug on Project Ara.  This decision, although not confirmed publicly, is said to be down to Google wanting to streamline the company’s hardware production that is currently tied to both Chrome and Nexus hardware.

It does come as a bit of a shock, considering that just three months ago Google announced that developer kits would be shipped in late 2016 with the actual product arriving in 2017, and now all consumers are left with is empty promises.  However, all may not be lost as it looks as though Google may decide to license the technology at least to third parties to develop the idea.

The concept design was to reinvent the smartphone into something based upon LEGO-style building blocks that could be attached, changed, and rearranged on seconds and comes from the motion that you can change various parts of your PC as you wish.  But, despite pilot tests and announcements that it was coming, Google bosses still decided to shut the project down.

So, if you were getting excited about a new Google modular smartphone coming your way soon, we are sorry to disappoint, as this is just not going to happen.  However, all is not lost in the world of modular smartphones, with the Motorola Z and the LG 65 still on offer.  They may not be quite as cool as the proposed Google Ara phone may have been, but at least they are here.

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