Rumours Flow Around Acer’s Possible Gaming Smartwatch

Rumours Flow Around Acer’s Possible Gaming Smartwatch

The gaming industry is huge. Millions of people flock to the stores each time a new game is released, or a new accessory for their favorite gaming medium has been launched.  Usually, people will employ the use of a PC, laptop, games console, or even a smartphone to some extent, but a smartwatch?

Rumors are amid the tech world at the moment that Acer could soon be bringing out a gaming smartwatch. If anyone was going to try it, there is no surprise that it is Acer.  Their current Predator gaming range includes monitors, PC’s, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, so the smartwatch would easily fit in. But, how easy is it going to be to play a game on a watch?  I don’t think it is a move that hardcore gamers will be making anytime soon if it does come to fruition.

No real details have been released about the smartwatch yet, so it is still very much a rumor. But, if it does come to light maybe it won’t be a gaming smartwatch as such but a social-focused gaming wearable similar to Razer. Acer has gone down a similar path like this with the Leap Fit but does not quite compare to the possibilities of a gaming smartwatch.  They have also had experience in adding smart technology to analog watches as can be seen in their partnership with Victorinox. So quite what will come of Acer’s gaming smartwatch remains to be seen.

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