Why DICE Gone Back To The Past With Battlefield 1

Why DICE Gone Back To The Past With Battlefield 1

The gaming industry is big business. It always has been, and probably always will be.  At the moment, many game developers are focusing on science fiction themes with games like Overwatch and Call of Duty being two of the most popular ones.  But, developer DICE, decided to step in a different direction and went about bringing to life the antiquity of World War 1 in its latest creation Battlefield 1.

Previously, there have been quite a few different games centered on World War II, and Vietnam and the Cold War we tend to learn about at school.  But, one war that seems to get forgotten is World War I.  Often thought of by many as a slow-paced war, it was a time of many ‘firsts.’  Some of these firsts can be seen as part of the game and also includes combat methods abound airship assaults, cavalry charges, and armored train attacks.  The game also features weapons that were used in World War I, including bayonets, mustard gas, and water-cooled machine guns.

DICE are hoping that as well as a game, people will see Battlefield 1 as a learning platform as they get to experience some of the weapons, vehicles, and tales of the Great World War.  It sets out to explain some of the empires involved and the greed behind it.  Battlefield 1 is an attempt to bring the past to life and recreate what once was in an enjoyable, enlightening game.

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