New Type of Battery Discovered Lasts Twice As Long As Normal

New Type of Battery Discovered Lasts Twice As Long As Normal

A new battery may soon be coming our way that could see smartphones and laptops being able to stay powered for twice as long.  This type of battery was originally thought of by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has great potential for the future.  Who doesn’t want a battery that can last twice as long before needing to be charged?

New start-up company, SolidEnergy Systems has realized the significant benefits and success that these batteries can bring.  This new type of battery uses lithium metal foil to enable it to deliver twice as much battery power than that of graphite which is used in traditional batteries.  The company’s co-founder, Qichao Hu, is classing its development as the “holy grail for batteries”.

The team is planning to release their cell phone and laptop batteries in 2017.  After that, they intend to become a rival of Elon Musk’s and take on the world of car batteries.  But, it’s not the fact that SolidEnergy is going to change the world of batteries as we know it; the problem Musk faces is in the delta (the rate of change).  SolidEnergy is proving to Musk and others that battery technology will continue to be one of the most fluid in business and others will need to adapt in order to keep up.  But, while adjusting to new technologies companies will also need flexibility within the manufacturing processes to be able to cope with the change and keep with the delta.

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