Psychologists Explain What Makes Pokemon Go So Popular and Addictive

Psychologists Explain What Makes Pokemon Go o Popular and Addictive

Newly released and free to play, this location-based augmented reality mobile game is taking the world by storm and has only been released some days!  Pretty much as soon as this game was released downloads quickly started coming in and even took over the previous record held by Candy Crush Saga as one of the most used apps after launching.

Psychologists set out to explain what is it that makes games like Pokemon Go so popular and addictive.  One theory behind this is that the game uses familiarity in many ways.  The technology the user interacts through is not a new console they have to get used to; it is equipment they probably use daily already – their smartphone and GPS.  Another factor that may play a part in Pokemon Go’s instant popularity is its nostalgic factor.  Pokemon was a very big deal when it first came out in 1996 and was a craze that was experienced all over the world and not one that will be easily forgotten.

$1,600,000 Amount Pokemon Go is making every day in the US alone.

Psychologists Explain What Makes Pokemon Go o Popular and Addictive

So, now we have familiarity, nostalgia, then all it needs is the novelty and fun factor thrown in, and Pokemon has this in abundance.  It leads people through the streets of their town looking for Pokemon, and more than likely bumping into others that are doing the same thing.  It brings a whole new meaning to social interaction, and people have been playing it at all hours of the day!  This is where the psychology comes in. Experts now recognize that the social interaction that people have with one another during these games are exciting and being people together, and the increased levels give that sense of achievement.

Being an investor in Pokemon, Nintendo is undoubtedly pleased with the creators new game success, and we too are excited to see where this leads to next. Is it a good game or just a short-lived craze remains to be seen, but it is certainly turning some heads in the meantime

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