Smartflower POP Solar System Set To Take Industry By Storm

Solar power has now become a very popular form of renewable energy source in the United States, and more people are signing up every day.  The U.S. solar industry is worth billions of dollars and is classed as one of the fasting growing sectors in the U.S. economy and the fasted developed growth market in the world.  And now, with thanks to the team behind the portable Smartflower POP solar system, these figures are set to soar even more.

The portable Smartflower POP is the latest creation from Austrian company, Smartflower.  These guys have the vision of enabling more people to produce their clean electricity and alleviate some of the rising costs of other energy sources.  Since the original solar system was released in 2010 many changes have been made to the design and now boasts of a 40% increase in energy output in can produce. 

Smartflower POP Solar System Set To Take Industry By Storm

Smartflower POP Solar System Set To Take Industry By Storm

Smartflower POP has been dubbed “the world’s first all-in-one solar system” and is easy on the eye and simple to use.  The system is constructed of petal shaped solar panels that automatically fan out to create a structure similar to a flower.  It also includes a self-cleaning system that cleans the solar cells daily and positions itself throughout the day to ensure that the maximum sunlight is being received at all times.  Thanks to the extraordinary design of the solar system it is now able to produce up to a whopping 4,000 kWh per year, which is enough to provide all the energy needed for the average central European household. 

This very effective, creation may well change the world of solar power as we know it.  With such an easy to install and use the system that comes in a range of colors and is portable, who would not want to get their hands on one.  People that may not have been able to have traditional solar panels due to lack of roof space can now find themselves owning one of these and having it in their backyard instead.  I think we will be seeing an increase in the number or Smartflower POP’s popping up around the country soon.

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