Schools Trade in Books For Video Games With Introduction of CivilizationEDU

Schools Trade in Books For Video Games With Introduction of CivilisationEDU

You may or may not remember when the first version of the popular, strategy based video game, Civilization was released back in 1991.  Back then it was originally developed to run on a PC, but is now available on a whole variety of systems including Windows, Playstation, and Macintosh.  This game appealed to both young and old and was a popular choice for many after school battles.

The game is still available today and has been dubbed as one of the most important strategy games of all time.  Sid Meier, the creator of this fantastic game, wanted to bring something else to the table regarding a strategy based platform and took his ideas to the education sector.  By manipulating the game already thoroughly enjoyed by millions, developers were able to create a platform that used the game as its foundation to transform it into a learning platform that could be used in high schools nationwide.

By introducing this software in schools, it is providing young people the opportunity to learn in a different manner but still cover the core concepts like technology, politics, and the military.  Users would be able to create their own virtual world and make executive decisions based on real life situations.  It is how the student learns to handle these situations and think critically that is the important learning factor.

For those of you that still may be a little skeptical about allowing your kids to play video games at school, it is not all about just playing the game Civilization (as good as it is).  With CivilisationEDU it will have special features for teachers that will allow them to see their students progress and produce detailed reports.  It will also include instructional resources as well as well designed lesson plans.

Sid Meier is a great believer that this will only bring good things for schools.  Learning can be made fun and educational at the same time and is all about finding the right balance, and that is what Civilisation EDU aims to do, so hold on to your keyboard, the interactive journey is about to begin.

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