Unity Use Their New Game Engine To Create Short Film With Mind Blowing Graphics

The gaming industry is a big business throughout the world and much time and money go into developing the best, real-life games for the public to enjoy.  With technology accelerating faster than the speed of light these days, so do the experiences some of these games create for the user, and now with the help of Unity, even non-gamers can enjoy the same thrilling graphics.

Unity is a huge technology company that is focused on providing breakthrough developments for the gaming industry, and they have created a new experience that is sure to get everyone on the edge of their seat.  Adam is a sci-fi short film, written and directed by Unity’s Veselin Efremov, that tells the story of a once-enslaved robot that breaks free and walks out into the big bad world.  It may only be just over 5 minutes in length, but the amazing graphics will have you hooked and leave you glued to the screen.



Created in real-time and by using animations, and VFX this short film will have you thinking you are there.  By using some truly breathtaking 3D graphics, the artificial intelligence forms do come to life in front of your very own eyes.  The team built Adam using beta versions of Unity 5.4 and their soon to be released cinematic sequencer tool.

This could be just the beginning for a new wave of how films will be produced in the future.  With Unity Technologies already working with some pretty big names in the industry, you can be sure we will see more of this style of the film.   If you want to see what these fantastic real-life graphics look like for yourself, then check out Adam, now.  You won’t be disappointed.

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