The Art of Advertising and How It Affects Our Brain

The Art of Advertising and How It Affects Our Brain
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Advertising has been around for as long as someone has had something to sell.  It is all about promoting your product to your prospective buyer in hopes that they will buy it, and is now considered to be more of a complex science than just a little sandwich board on the corner of the street, and the way in which it affects us personally may not be how we think.

Early on in history, the ancient Egyptians used papyrus to portray sales messages and posters, while the Chinese’s earliest forms of advertising are in that of a flute playing music to entice people to buy their candy.  Thankfully, we have moved on a little from those times and the most often forms of advertising media used today include TV, the internet and email, and the radio.  Although these forms of advertising are very different from one another, they are all trying to convey the same message and get the same result by using human emotions.

This is an art form in itself and is a technique that has been used for centuries.  It has been proven that effective decision making is based on upon our emotional status, and our feelings can affect the way in which we learn.  The brain is a large memory base that stores information as we see, hear, feel, touch or taste it.  When we repeat any of these things, the memory is made stronger.  Scientists have also proven that we react emotionally and physically before any rational thought comes into play.   Which is where advertisers target most – our emotions.

In creating a brand, companies are not just creating an image for their product; they are creating a way to engage customers in their product while leaving an unconscious association linked in their mind.  The brand is what people first think of when they hear the product name.  So for the advertiser, it is up to them to create a marketing ploy that will play with your emotions firmly enough for you to make a mental association that every time that particular subject comes up, you will immediately think of that brand. 

Another method used in successful advertising is repetition.  Our brains learn very well be repetition and good sales techniques will involve repeating words (like the Brand name) at the beginning of the ad, in the middle of the ad, and at the end.  This is to ensure the viewer hears the repetition and quickly learns the product name, consciously or unconsciously.

Emotional advertising is the most efficient form in creating product recall and increased sales.  We as humans are very emotional creatures, and whether we like it or not, our brains will always put this first, giving advertisers the advantage in some small way.  Our brains will always process the emotional factors first and then create a link that will not be easily erased as the more we see the same thing, the more it becomes ingrained in our brains.

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