Do You Know What You are Breathing In?

Do You Know What You are Breathing In?

Maintaining good air quality is essential for living a healthy life for not just us but plants and animals as well.  There are various harmful substances in the air that we are exposed to on a daily basis that we have no control over.  But, what about the air we can control?

Many people do not realize that dangers in cooking indoors with little or no ventilation.  There are very damaging particles, named PM2.5, that is realized into the air from the heat that is omitted when cooking indoors or heating fires.  Although these particles are tiny in size, they can do some real damage and have been linked to health conditions such as asthma, stroke, and heart disease and can cause fatalities. 

So, apart from opening some windows and turning on a fan while cooking, what else can we do to protect ourselves both indoors and out?

Do You Know What You are Breathing In?

Do You Know What You are Breathing In?

Well, with the technological advances of today’s world, researcher have now developed systems that will monitor your air quality for you allowing you time to take the correct action.

Although there are a few different models on the market, one that has stood out is the Speck 2.0 air quality sensor.  This amazing little product will cost around $200 to purchase, but is worth every penny.  The device, made by Airviz Inc., is an air quality sensor that allows you to easily check the current and recent air quality both indoors and out.  It features a touch-screen display that shows the PM2.5 level as well as well presented graphs that indicate of a room is at a dangerous level and the Wi-Fi connection installed allows users to archive all their reading and display them on the website for their own personal use or to share.  There are many other valuable features included in the Speck 2.0 too, including a humidity and temperature recorder.

If you want a little peace of mind as to the air quality you are breathing is safe or you have concerns over your indoor cooking, then it may well be worth investing in one of these devices as it could just save your life.

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