NASA Set to Send Google’s Android Terminator Robot to Mars

There is a lot of talks centered around Mars at the moment in the world of astronomy.  Much of this is down to the various Mars projects that are currently underway, looking to create new colonies of humans on Mars.  But, what many of the organizations planning these missions haven’t yet done is to send a robot in first, like Google’s Android Terminator robot, to scope out the planet to ensure the maximum safety for our soon to be space travelers

Why is this you may ask?  Well, so far NASA have refused to use robots as part of the mission to Mars as they have not been able to accomplish certain tasks on Earth, but is this a risk they can afford to take?  Experts such as the likes of Buzz Aldrin are saying it would be a complete suicide mission not first to explore the ‘red planet’ by robots before risking human lives.

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With the use of Google’s Android Terminator robot, we would be able to examine the territory, conduct the necessary experiments, and transmit the information back down to the scientists to interpret and design the safest mission possible.  Is that too much to ask? 

NASA will need to look into investing funds into research and development the bit further to ensure it is fit for the tasks it needs to accomplish. But once this has been done it will be much safer for the humans who are already risking their lives to take part in this magnificent challenge, and that is something even NASA can not forget. 

Features photo: The Movie Martian