Uber Knows When Your iPhone Battery Is Dying And Gives You Surge Prices

Uber Knows When Your iPhone Battery Is Dying And Gives You Surge Price

There can be few things more worrying or frustrating than looking at your phone in the early hours of the morning and seeing the power drain out of the battery. It is easy to regret the amount of time you spent on it when you could have been doing something else and saving the power.

The Uber app is available and even though you are concerned about the surge price, you need to get home and to hail an Uber seems to be the best way to do it. It’s a pity your battery has brought you to have to end the night early. Uber’s Head of economic research Keith Chen promises that Uber or not going to take advantage of this, although they are fully aware that they could if they chose to.

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Chen was interviewed by Shankar Vedantam the science correspondent at NPR and revealed that Uber app is aware of the level of the battery on a phone. The app is able to tell when you are near the end of the battery life and know that you would pay a higher fare to get home quickly. Once the battery is red, it is time for a cab as later there may not be the chance to call one.

Another finding of Chen’s is that telling someone that their fare will be twice what it normally is will get the reaction that it is unfair. But if they say 2.1 times it is considered that there is a reason to get this figure.

Story Via; Huffingtonpost.com.au